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Latest Specials!

New Specials coming in February – check back soon!

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Whipple Supercharger!

We just completed this Whipple supercharger install on a Chevy PU.  

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Custom Machining

Check out Fred working away! Fred is using all his years of experience and engine building knowledge today. Our customer needed some special machining done in order for these top notch aluminum connecting rods to fit properly in his new dished racing pistons. No job too big or small; Mt. […]

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Car Fox is Here!

We are proud to announce a new face at Mt. Airy Motors! Normally we would introduce you; however I believe everyone already knows The Car Fox. With his big fluffy ears and beautiful red coat, how could you not like this guy? With the new programs we are enrolled in, […]

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A Full House!

Busy day in the shop! We have all kinds of work going on in the shop today; from a simple brake job to major performance modifications! Watch out for the little yellow mustang, this baby sports a built motor and VMP blower! Be sure to contact us with your needs. […]

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Flywheel Surfacing

Did you know we surface flywheels? Well if you didn’t, now you do! We can have most flywheels done in 1-2 hours on the same day of drop off depending on condition. $45 for standard non dish type flywheels.

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2003 Cobra!

Check out this beautiful 2003 cobra we have in the shop. Our new customer contacted us with a complaint of the #7 spark plug popping out the cylinder head; common problem on the 4v cobra motor. While the car is here we will repair the spark plug threads, do a […]

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